Protect yourself and your vehicle
MEMBER’S CHOICE® Credit Life Insurance gives you a way to help cover your loved ones from the unexpected. It reduces or pays off your outstanding loan balance, up to the policy maximum, if you were to die before paying off the loan.

MEMBER'S CHOICE® Credit Life Insurance is convenient, economical and the cost for coverage is included in your regular payments. It offers these advantages:

  • Reduces or pays off your covered loan balance, up to the policy maximum.
  • Helps protect credit rating.
  • Requires no complicated enrollment forms or physical exam.
  • Offers the convenience of including premium in your loan payment.
  • Helps cover collateral against repossession.
  • Whether you apply online or in person, be sure to ask about about MEMBER'S CHOICE® Credit Life Insurance.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance
Enjoy worry-free driving knowing that tomorrow's repair cost is paid for at today's prices.

GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection)
Avoid financial loss in the event your vehicle is totaled or stolen. Since insurance settlements are based on the actual cash value of the vehicle, that number is often less than the loan balance.

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